PX Series Plastic Injection Machines

KraussMaffei’ s new series of fully electric PX

Clamping Force
50-200 ton
Drive Unit
Full Electric
  • When a first-class plasticizing unit andprecise drive systems are working together in harmony, this results in maximumshot weight consistency. The PX reproduces parts with exceptional quality and efficiency – shot for shot.Two parallel servohydraulic injection unit barrels allow for an optimal center nozzle contact force – extremely fast and free of lateral forces. This shortens the cycle times and prevents leaks at the nozzle.


    • Optimal length and space utilization
    • Targeted investment in clamping force and injection capacity
    • Flexible mold use
    • Short cycle times
    • High availability
    • Low energy costs
    • Extremely wide range of applications
    • Long service lives
    • Excellent melt quality
    • High plasticizing capacity
  • The standard PX already features mold fixing platens with generous dimensions, mold installation heights and mold opening strokes for flexible use of molds of various sizes. And if that isn’t enough, options are available to expand certain attributes, such as the mold installation height.

    80 tonnes of clamping force would be enough, but your mold needs more space? If so, you should opt for the PX 81. This will give you considerably more mold installation space for even more adaptability in everyday manufacturing. You achieve this adaptability without having to purchase the machine with the next level of clamping force. Of course, the maximum permitted mold weight is increased as well.

    More space means more weight. With the PX, you can be sure that if the mold fits into the machine, then the clamping unit has also been designed for the greater mold weight. The wide support of the moving platens on linear guides and the stiff machine bed under the clamping unit guarantee perfect platen parallelism.

    The standard ejector of the PX is driven using the integrated servo hydraulics and stands out on its own thanks to several features. The ejector stroke is especially large, enabling you to run molds with correspondingly long demolding paths. The ample opening range of the safety gate and the wide design of the moving platens allow for easy access to the ejector.


    • The largest ejector stroke on the market
    • Superior ejector accessibility
    • Outstandingly robust
    • Maximum platen parallelism
    • Use of heavy molds
    • Protection of the mold
  • The intuitive MC6 control system with SplitScreen technology and Eco function

    Usability is our top priority

    With the intuitive MC6 control system, KraussMaffei offers a system that improves every facet of machine operation for users. The experienced software developers at KraussMaffei focus on functions that are usable and simplify navigation. All series are equipped with the MC6 control system.

    Destination reached with just a few taps

    Based on the credo "reaching the destination as quickly as possible", a clear overall concept with individually configurable favorites bars is produced. In order to ensure easy use, the machine keyboard only shows the buttons that can be selected in a given machine operating status.

    SplitScreen technology: Everything at a glance

    SplitScreen teknolojisi, MC6 kontrol sisteminin önemli unsurlarından biridir: Bu bölünmüş ekran gösterimi sayesinde, en önemli üretim süreçlerini aynı anda görebilirsiniz. Örneğin, enjeksiyon işlemini gerçek değerli çevrimlerle aynı anda izleyebilirsiniz.

    SplitScreen technology: Everything at a glance

    SplitScreen technology is one of the special highlights of the MC6 control system: Thanks to the split-screen display, you can view the most important production processes simultaneously. For example, you can monitor the injection process at the same time as the actual value cycles.

    ProcessDesigner: Clear layout

    The integrated ProcessDesigner tool provides a clear visual presentation of all current processes and enables users to modify them, depending on requirements, by means of simple drag-and-drop or swiping movements.

    EcoSGMGo Eco! Energy efficiency at the push of a button

    In keeping with our overall energy-efficient design, the MC6 control system has an "Eco button." This allows you to configure the machine for optimal energy efficiency at the push of a button.


    • User-friendly function principle
    • Simple process control thanks to SplitScreen and ProcessDesigner
    • Clear structures
    • Standardized user administration
    • Two-way operation of automation and machine possible