Tepro Makine ve Otomasyon Sistemleri

Established in Istanbul, 1992, Tepro Makine has been supplying injection machines, robot automation systems, raw material loading systems and auxiliary equipment for the plastics industry, making use of its experienced and specialist team consisting of 65 members. Headquartered in Çekmeköy, Tepro Makine has adopted the maximum customer satisfaction as a principle through its T-Max office in İkitelli, the technical office in Bursa region, depots located in Istanbul and Çorlu. Tepro Makine which has been implementing successful projects ever since its foundation thanks to its dynamic corporate structure composed of sales, marketing, project, technical service, spare parts, accounting and finance departments has been contributing to these project with added value day in day by day.

Tepro Makine which is keeping abreast of today’s technology, is open to innovation, visionary, and has embraced the understanding of high quality and result-oriented service has been offering turnkey solution to the Middle East and the Balkans apart from Turkey. Tepro Makine, the sole distributor of many leading and qualified brands in Turkey, including KraussMaffei, Sepro and Motan, offers its own T-Max brand of auxiliary equipments and automation systems.Tepro Makine aiming to maintain its robust position within the industry has been expanding its product range, by adding newcomers to its machinery portfolio day in day out  as part of its mission of being a pioneer in connection with changes and developments in technology.

Leading the plastics industry and keeping up with sustainable technologies and systems, Tepro Makine is the most prominent supplier of the industry owing to its products incorporating high quality and superior technologies supplied to large-scale manufacturers.


Becoming a sustainable solution partner, standing by you, our distinguished customers, reliable machines and automation systems with outstanding performance we make available to the Turkish plastics industry.


Understanding of “Rational-Innovativeness” keeping abreast of today’s technology is our most important mission. Combining opportunities for improvement with our “know-how” and offering them to our valued customers under the most optimum conditions, keeping a close eye on developments at production technologies around the world.


Our mission is to ensure unconditional customer satisfaction, maintain our customers' confidence in our company, maintain the health and safety of our employees, ensure the continuity of our competitive power and rank ahead of our competitors in our industry. As TEPRO, • To put our customers' and employees' satisfaction first, • To ensure compliance with the requirements of legal and technical regulations regarding our products and to conform all the applicable requirements, • To monitor continuously the requests and expectations of our customers and markets and to improve ourselves closely keeping up with the technology, • To be a customer-oriented company, • To handle any complaints from the customers, • To keep the complaining customer details secret, • To provide solutions for any complaints as soon as possible, • To provide quality, speed and confidence to our customers in technical services, • To be a corporation providing the best service in our industry, • To provide the innovations to our customers synchronously with the world, • To enable our employees to develop themselves continuously, • To provide a healthy and safe workplace for our employees, • To fulfill the Quality Management System and Customer Satisfaction Management System requirements and to engage in continuous improvement activities, The above-mentioned matters are determined as our the QUALITY POLICY of our company.


  • Honesty is our corporate virtue. We are cordially committed to business ethics.

  • Our innovative management understanding is the essence of our business model.

  • We focus on success through our strong belief in team spirit.

  • We reach the "ideal work performance" within constant development including the change.

  • We aim to achieve customer satisfaction under all circumstances.



We, as Tepro Makine, offer channels of communication where our customer can easily convey their expectations, complaints, suggestions and satisfactions in the course of our operations for marketing, sales and service of plastics machines and automation systems rendered with a customer-oriented understanding, assess those feedbacks received by us and offer solution-oriented solutions.

We always listen to our customers with great care, not aspiring after any economic expectations. We implement methods of compensation in order to reach customer satisfaction by taking into account national and international legal terms, requirements of legislation, general rules of commerce and documented information of our organization. We assess and manage processes of perceiving, defining, analyzing, directing customer complaints connected with our operations in the most accurate manner, generating solutions, reporting results to the customer through a customer-oriented approach in line various principles such as transparency, accessibility, answerability, objectivity, confidentiality and accountability and make use of such information with a view to constant improvement.

We provide all necessary resources and constantly improve our processes in order to improve our products and services in line with expectations and needs of our customers, benefiting from all feedbacks received from all of our stakeholders, our customers and employees in particular.



Tepro Makine was founded and started its business in Mecidiyeköy

We became the distributor of Motan Colortonic, the leading brand of Europe for raw material loading systems, in Turkey.

We became the distributor of Sepro, the leading French robot automation systems brand, in Turkey.

We became the distributor of KraussMaffei, the leading European brand of plastic injection industry, in Turkey.


T-MAX, our own brand that emerged from Tepro Makine, was born.


We struck a deal for a free zone depot in Çorlu.

500. KraussMaffei machines were commissioned in Turkey.


Our T-MAX İkitelli office opened its doors.


We moved our Head Office to Çekmeköy.


Our technical office in Bursa region was started.


A strategic cooperation contract was concluded with MOULDPRO.


Our free zone warehouse was inaugurated in Çorlu.