Social Responsibility Projects

We are aware of our social responsibility… we, Tepro Makine, design and implement several projects  within scope of social responsibility projects. We’re running projects at many groups such as abandoned children, children in need of education, children at risk group, the woman, the elderly, the nature and live beings in the nature. You, our valued customers, also get the chance of taking part in these projects through your cooperation with you.

Always Support for Our Orphan Children


As Tepro Company we started aid project for our lonely children who were in Çayırova Sevgi Evleri Çocuk Yuvası ve Kız Yetiştirme Yurdu. We met the needs of clothing, toys and books for orphan children with the sensitivity and intensive support to the project.


Living Books Project


We are proud of contributing to Fatih Middle School Library within the scope ''Living Books Project''.