A wide range of products for the white goods industry

White goods and electrical household appliances, indispensable elements of our daily life, due to their innovative features and modern designs, are still there to make our lives easier. Plastics have the major part within success of this industry that is increasing its market share more and more . Use of plastic parts at the white goods industry is a lot more than it was in the past. Increased use of plastics on many products from fridges to vacuum cleaners, to dish washers and irons offers advantages at countless points including lightness and freedom of design, robustness, power saving and recycling.

The machine portfolio of KraussMaffei includes a wide range of products capable of meeting such needs . KraussMaffei offers innovative production solutions, combining reliable machine designs with innovative technology. In addition to a global network of mould manufacturers and peripheral unit suppliers, solutions offered by KraussMaffei are based on the unique machinery technology of the company.

  • PX series: These machines with a closing force from 50 tons to 200 tons are optimal machines, especially for manufacturing of packaging and technical parts.
  • MX series: These machines with a closing force up to 5.500 tons are the largest fast machines available on the market
  • CX series: Thanks to two-platen technology, the machines of the CX series are readily accessible and very compact. They are available in small (350 to 1600 kN) and medium clamping forces (2000 to 6500 kN).
  • GX series: These machines which are at the segment of middle closing force of 400 to 900 tons are the world’s fastest systems containing dual plates

Automation: Cartesian robots or our 6-axial robot technology are fully integrated with machines.