Not just clean, but pure: CleanForm technology for clean room manufacturing

Clean, cleaner, CleanForm — this process meets the highest production requirements for cleanliness. To accomplish this, KraussMaffei uses only injection molding machines that are cleanroom-compliant and operate very cleanly due to their design. These machines are found in the CX and EX series. Thanks to longtime experience as an industry expert for technical and medical cleanrooms, KraussMaffei provides customer-specific production designs as well as application-specific machines and automation solutions from a single source.

Your benefits:

  • Productivity is substantially increased
  • Costs per article are lowered
  • Output of good parts is increased

Cleanrooms are divided into two categories in relation to the application: Production in a medical cleanroom is characterized by manufacturing under controlled conditions. Above and beyond the absence of particulates, medical and pharmaceutical articles must also be produced in a sterile environment. Technical cleanroom production is focused on the number and size of foreign particles which can impair the production process. In particular, they impair the article quality and increase the rejection rate.

Large high-caliber machines and customer specific clean room (CleanForm) system solutions away from dirt and dust for medical industry.



For these requirements, KraussMaffei provides the necessary engineering competence, efficient cleanroom injection molding machines, automation solutions and the support of a network of leading moldmakers—accompanied by comprehensive documentation. The CX and EX series are specially designed for manufacturing in a cleanroom and can be equipped with specific automation solutions as complete manufacturing cells.

Four variants of cleanroom manufacturing for varying degrees of purity

When the highest requirements for cleanliness in production or for molded part surfaces are imposed, the CleanForm process developed by KraussMaffei is used. With this process you can substantially increase productivity and lower the costs per article, because these articles do not have to be sterilized, as they do in conventional production. Moreover, the high requirements for the production environment increase your output of good parts.

KraussMaffei's CleanForm technology offers production systems that meet GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines for making plastic products in cleanrooms. This technology uses only injection molding machines that are cleanroom-compliant and operate very cleanly due to their design. KraussMaffei provides a total of four variants of cleanroom manufacturing with which you can obtain varying degrees of purity: