Multinject – more expertise with multicomponents

Multicomponent technology opens up new possibilities in manufacturing injection molded components—whether through form, color or function. KraussMaffei has been working with this technology since 1963 and offers a complete range of solutions for implementing multicomponent applications. We can supply a complete package—including multicomponent mold technology and extensive processing expertise—and can guarantee the perfect interaction of individual system components. This makes multicomponent injection molding an easily manageable standard for you.

Your benefits;

  • Greater design freedom and improved functionality of molded parts
  • High product quality and functional integration
  • Short set-up times, fewer rejects, easy maintenance

For multicomponent technology, two or more plastics are connected to multi-functional components in an injection molding process. This process combines color effects and various material properties in a specific, desired way. The Multinject concept from KraussMaffei involves the use of a multitude of different injection molding variants and mold technologies. This includes sandwich, shut-off slide, turntable, sliding table, SpinForm, index and transfer technologies. Just your product and its geometry determine the correct system solution.

KraussMaffei's provides a high-performance machine program for Multinject technology in the form of the C, CX and MX series. The injection molding machines have a separate plasticizing and injection unit suited for each type of material and adjusted individually to the respective task thanks to their highly modular design. The versatile configurations correspond to the large number of mold and process concepts. Excellent machine accessibility (fast mold change), servo-driven turntables (high precision, reduced cycle time) and flexible rotary media distributors round out the extensive multicomponent selection along with extensive supplementary features.

Greater design freedom, improved functionality of molded parts and higher product quality—these are just some of the advantages offered by Multinject from KraussMaffei. This enables you to combine specific materials just as easily as you can integrate functions. Furthermore, the technology lowers production costs, because the machines require shorter set-up times. The amount of rejects is low and maintenance is easy. New possibilities for part production are also emerging. The modular machine design enables implementation of the widest range of applications, even combining thermoplastics with elastomers.

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